The Camera That Turns Photos Into Links

Some pictures are worth a thousand words. Shoots & Leaves is for the rest.

Turn photos into tasks with a single tap. Shoots & Leaves uploads photos to the cloud and gives you a link you can use to:

  • Create a reminder
  • Paste into another app
  • Send in an email
  • And lots more


Shoots & Leaves uploads pictures to image hosting services so you don’t clutter your camera roll or your Photo Stream with pictures you don’t need to keep forever. […]

Customize the size and quality of photos uploaded to your hosting service. You can choose to upload at full quality over wifi and lower quality over cellular.

Use the photo link to send an email, send a message, or create a reminder. You can also copy it to the clipboard or just view it in […]

Send a link to one of several popular third-party apps. Customize the text that gets sent. If there’s an app you’d like to see added, let us know. […]